Super-Charge Your Therapy Experience With Visual Arts
The arts are pervasive throughout our lives, expressing the thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears of the artists that created them.
I bring the emotion inherent in the arts into the safe space of the therapeutic environment. Engagement with the arts allows you to express yourself in new and profound ways.
How Visual Arts Are Used in Counseling
Traditional talk therapy and counseling techniques are utilized throughout therapy to help you determine goals, process current experiences, and determine how therapy is going. However, sometimes nonverbal techniques are more effective at reaching deeper issues.
I may encourage you to engage with a variety of visual art media at any point in the therapeutic process. The creation of art allows you to express your emotions differently than when simply talking about them.
The importance of the art in therapy is not necessarily the final product, but what you are able to glean from the process of creation. You and I will discuss your experience of the creation process as well as your interpretation of the final product.
I try to incorporate as many different visual art media as possible to ensure that my clients have access to a full range of therapeutic experiences. You may be encouraged to:
  • Create figures out of clay
  • Manipulate sand and create patterns in the sand
  • Use watercolor or acrylic paints on canvas or paper
  • Take photographs
  • Utilize photo editing software to manipulate photographs
  • Create a scrapbook
  • Write a journal
  • Write poetry
Visual Arts... It's About the Process, Not the Product
Visual Arts in Counseling gives you an opportunity to experience a unique and highly personalized therapeutic environment. Please contact me with any questions you may have about the Visual Arts and Counseling services, or schedule your free 30 minute consultation today!

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