I Look Forward to Collaborating With You!

I put a great deal of value in the services that all medical professionals provide for their patients and clients. I know how much of your heart and soul goes into your work every day and sincerely appreciate your professionalism and skill. 

Through my many years working in Music Therapy, I have been proud to co-treat with a wide variety of medical professionals and witnessed how combining two disciplines can increase the efficacy of both. I have also provided Music Therapy as a primary and adjunct therapeutic service to numerous facilities and organizations throughout the community. 

I am proud to have worked side-by-side with physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, certified nursing assistants, behavior specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, social workers, counselors, chaplains, massage therapists, and others. 

I am confident that Expressive Arts services can supplement the wonderful work that you already provide. Let me show you how music therapy and other expressive arts therapies can supplement the great work you already do for your patients. Or maybe you are looking for something different for your next staff meeting or retreat to enhance group cohesion and teamwork. I can help there, too!

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Service Supplementation
Our individual and group Expressive Arts Therapy sessions involve in-the-moment creation of music and other art, allowing the unique interpersonal connection in that space to guide the therapeutic process. We design each session to meet the needs and interests of each client so each person is able to have a successful experience.

We contract with hospices, adolescent treatment centers, veteran organizations, and large hospital systems to supplement the services they already provide.
Workshops, Training, & Presentations
Our founder, Jennifer Cossman, has a great deal of experience presenting to numerous healthcare organizations and facilities. She will work with you to provide the motivational, educational, and training experience you are looking for.

Incorporating storytelling and experiential activities, Jennifer’s presentations and workshops have been highly praised. She understands the unique needs of your organization and will work with you every step of the way to meet your goals.
Collaborative Treatment Services
Collaborative Treatment Services (also referred to as co-treatment sessions) allow your clinical professional and our therapist to work together to help one client achieve their goals. Our therapists have worked with many different disciplines throughout our careers.

We are able to design our sessions and interventions to specifically target the goals your clinical staff are attempting to achieve, making the therapeutic process fun for everyone!
Professional Coaching & Supervision
Does your organization utilize volunteer musicians or other artists? Have you wished you had better understanding of their art in order to provide better guidance and supervision? Let us help you.

Our professional staff has extensive experience in providing supervision to staff and volunteers and can provide that service for your organization. Let us coach your artistic volunteers and help them understand appropriate boundaries, scope of practice, and times to refer to your therapeutic staff.
Special Event Planning
Everyone loves participating in special events, but not everyone loves planning them. There are so many details that can be overlooked and things that can go wrong in the moment. Who wants to deal with all of that?

We do! Planning special events for healthcare organizations has become one of our specialties. From facility-wide events to a single resident’s birthday party, we can help you figure out the details and provide the music, decorations, and activities during the event.
Music Program Implementation
Not sure whether to opt for Music & Memory or SingFit or a music therapist? Want to know how best to use those iPads and boxes of CDs? Having trouble getting buy-in from your staff or getting your program off the ground?

We help you and your caregivers use music more effectively with your clients. Let us help you implement your music program. We will help you determine the best program for you and your clients and the most effective way to implement that program for the greatest effect.
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Let the Expressive Arts Therapies add to your Organization
I look forward to working with you, your staff, and your clients. Please contact me with any questions you may have about my services, or schedule your free 30 minute consultation today!

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