Where will your heART journey lead you?

It is never too late to do a little Spring cleaning. Literal or metaphorical Spring cleaning, that is. Sometimes we just feel inspired to clean, other times it is the disgust of continuing to look at accumulated dust (or cat hair, in my case) on the stairs. And then there are the times when the "cleaning" is forced upon you in the form of life change.

I spent a good part of my youth growing up in Dayton, Ohio and then moved back there to get my undergraduate degree. No matter how long I live somewhere else, Dayton will always feel like home in some respects. About a week ago, a series of tornadoes tore through my hometown and the hometowns of my friends and family. Fortunately, none of my loved ones were injured and damages were relatively limited. However, cleaning and reorganization has been forced upon many people.

University of Dayton Chapel

Similarly, there has been significant upheaval in my small town. No natural disasters to blame here, but corporate disasters that lead to lives being thrown into disarray. Those affected by these changes have had to endure forced change without warning. Invisible life disasters can be just as earth-shattering as the visible ones, just sometimes harder for others to understand or believe.

...an unplanned life-changing event can allow for new life growth, a return of energy once dormant, and new adventures.

Humans aren't designed to like change. It's hard. Many times, it's ugly and we fight it with everything we have. However, no matter how difficult change is, no matter how much we fight it, no matter how much it hurts while we're enduring it, change can lead to positive growth. Just like a forest fire can allow for new plant growth, a return of nutrients into the soil, and new homes for animals that had once left the forest, an unplanned life-changing event can allow for new life growth, a return of energy once dormant, and new adventures.

Rising from the ashes

It's not easy to live through unexpected or unplanned life changes without support. It is okay to ask for help from your friends and family. It is absolutely okay to ask for help from a professional therapist or counselor if you're feeling overwhelmed. It is okay to feel "not okay" all the time. Change is hard.

This process is just another step on your heART journey. Not all steps are easy or pretty. Sometimes we fall. Sometimes those falls cause scrapes and bruises. But you can always get back up. Take that next step. Where will that next step on your heART journey lead you?

~ Jennifer

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