The Difference Between Fun & Rewarding

People frequently tell me I'm lucky to be able to make so many people happy and have so much fun in my job all the time. I won't deny that making music with people can frequently be an enormous joy, but there are moments of frustration and stress as well.

Today, for example, I was working with an older woman with Alzheimer's. She was wandering around her home, unable to become settled anywhere, constantly vocalizing nonverbally. I tried everything I could think of to reach her, but was just getting frustrated that nothing seemed to be working.

I was almost ready to give up, but put the guitar down and just walked with her around the house humming quietly and singing lyrics occasionally. About 45 minutes in, she sits down for more than 5 minutes although she still doesn't seem settled. Then, she looks me square in the eye and says, "I love to hear you sing." I almost fell over. I'm glad I fought through the frustration and trusted my instincts.

I would not call this fun by any stretch, but it was incredibly rewarding. And, yes, I'm very lucky! Hope your Wednesday was rewarding in some aspect as well.

~ Jennifer

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