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Updated: May 22, 2019

The sound of your loved one's voice can be incredibly healing... sometimes in surprising ways.

Invisibilia is one of my favorite podcasts - I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys listening to podcasts! This episode, however, was much more poignant to me than many others and caught me off guard.

I have many, many recordings of the voices of the people I have worked with... singing, speaking, laughing, you name it. I knew why I was doing it as part of the therapeutic process and why it would be so important to the families in the future. What this podcast made me think of, though, is my own life. I don’t have a recording of my father’s voice. I don’t have the ability to talk to my mother over the phone. How much emotional comfort I get from speaking to my loved ones over the phone. How frustrating it can be when my teenage son doesn’t call me back (ugh, teenagers).

Then I picked up my phone, scrolled to the bottom of my voicemail list, and found a voicemail from 4 years ago. My son’s pre-pubescent voice telling me he had gotten home from school, that he and the cat were fine, and that he was going to work on homework now.

“Love you, mom. Hope to see you soon.”

Treasure the sound of your loved ones’ voices. Your brain responds to them chemically in amazing ways. We can work with you to create lasting memories of recordings if you’d like.

~ Jennifer

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