Your HeART Journeys

Mission, Vision, and Philosophy


To find creative solutions to life's challenges.



To change, "That's impossible," to "Let's make that happen for you!"

I strive to demonstrate the healing power of music and the arts to my community and raise the standard of expressive arts therapies throughout the state and country.


I strive to walk with you on each step of your heART journey, helping you to find creative solutions to the challenges your life presents. It is my goal to do this through:

  • Finding ways to say "Yes!"

More often than not, there is a way to get difficult problems solved, it just takes a little time and some creative thought. I empower my clients to take​ the time and creative effort to solve problems.

  • Finding fun and laughter

Life can present difficult challenges that don't always make us feel like smiling or laughing. It is my responsibility to help others realize that laughing and having fun in those difficult times is healthy and can be incredibly healing.​

  • Finding ways to change the world

Art changes the world on a daily basis. It is my responsibility to use my skills and talents to change the world in positive ways through my art. ​


Guided Imagery and Music