The most wonderful part of being a member of a community is the joy of experiencing the diversity of its members. The Lynchburg and surrounding communities are comprised of amazingly unique individuals, each bringing his or her gifts and talents to make this a beautiful place to live. This artistic beauty and talent is evident throughout the area.

Lynchburg Love Sign
"Keys for the Hill City" Piano
Riverviews Artspace Exhibit
Craddock Terry Love Shoe
Monument Terrace
Amazement Square sculpture
Lynchburg Academy Center of the Arts
Community Market Fountain
Mural in Downtown Lynchburg
Vector Space Mural

I strive to encourage community members to become creatively involved with each other in new and exciting ways. Community HeART Works include both wellness programs and performance groups to engage all members of the community.

The programs listed below are ones currently running, that have been held in the past, or I am actively seeking to start. I am excited to hear from the members of the community to hear the types of ongoing programs in which you would be interested in participating.  Please contact me with any ideas that you have and groups that you are interested in - I look forward to hearing from you!

Community HeART Works make a difference in your life and your community
Community HeART Works allow you to share your talents with your community and continue on your heART journey while connecting with others. I would love to have you in one of these groups or hear your idea for a new group! Please contact me with any questions you may have about our Community HeART Works services, or schedule your free 30 minute consultation today!
Drum Circles
Drum circles can provide a fun and unique way of bringing your group together. Through combinations of rhythm, tempo, and dynamics, drum circles help almost any group or organization find new levels of cohesion and allow each member to explore their leadership skills. I have led drum circles for a wide variety of organizations and are excited to bring this opportunity to your group.
Mindfulness Through Music
Let me guide you and your group through the steps of mindfulness, breaking the process down into easy steps, with each class building on the last, to create a success-oriented experience for everyone.
Stress Relief Groups
Our professional staff uses their experience to create various types of stress relief groups. We use different art modalities to provide unique experiences to our community that are not otherwise available.
Hands in Harmony
The Hands in Harmony group is an ensemble that performs sign language to recorded music. Choreography increases the performance interest and provides greater goals for participants.

Participation is encouraged from members of all ability levels. Adaptions are provided for members unable to participate traditionally. Performances are arranged throughout the community.
Intergenerational Choir
HeART Journeys' Intergenerational Choir brings young and young-at-heart together in a unique performance opportunity. This group incorporates instrumental music, singing, and dancing/movement to create a one-of-a-kind experience for both the performers and the audience. Performances are tailored to the abilities of the group members to ensure that everyone is successful.
Sound Environment Analysis
The ambient sounds in your environment have a greater impact on your everyday health than you probably realize. Let me analyze the specific decibel levels of your work or home environment and help you discover sounds that may be having a negative impact on you and your family or co-workers.
Caring for the Caregiver
Caregivers are an often overlooked aspect of the healthcare dynamic. Whether the caregiver is an unpaid parent, child, friend, or a paid professional caregiver, compassion fatigue has a profound impact on all caregivers. 

Let me provide you or your caregiving staff with new, unique coping mechanisms to manage their compassion fatigue. Caring for the Caregiver sessions can be one-time in-services or an ongoing treatment, as needed.
Bereavement and Grief Support
I am trained in providing high-quality bereavement and grief support services to the families and friends of hospice patients.

I am looking forward to being part of community-based bereavement and grief support groups as well. Please contact me if you would like to see music therapy included in a support group you attend.
Anticipatory Grief Support
The anticipated loss of a loved one is a difficult emotion to process. I am able to help you navigate this difficult time. Through my extensive experience with hospice and end-of-life care, I am able to work with you and, if desired, your loved one, with care and compassion.
Connecting with Baby
New parents are frequently looking for ways to connect and communicate with their baby. Music transcends spoken language and allows parent and child to meet in a fun, safe space and create music together. No experience necessary!
Hospice Choir
Hospice choir is a group of singers who visit hospice patients and perform a variety of vocal music. Rehearsals are led by a board-certified music therapist in order to reinforce the differences between music therapy and music entertainment. Group members who play accompaniment instruments are encouraged to play those instruments for the choir.
Youth Inclusive Group
Bringing children of all ages and ability levels together instills acceptance and cooperation in our youth that will continue throughout their lives. HeART Journeys' Youth Inclusive Group provides opportunities for performance in music, art, dance, and drama. I encourage performers ages 18 and under with all ability and experience levels to participate.

Performances are arranged throughout the community.
Community Dance Troupe
The HeART Journeys dance troupe is a group of experienced performers that incorporates dancing, instrumental music, and vocal music. Performances are arranged at facilities and conferences throughout the community.
Handbell Choir
The HeART Journeys handbell choir encourages participation from members of all ability levels. Adaptions are provided for members unable to ring the bells traditionally. Performances are arranged throughout the community.
Theatrical Performances
HeART Journeys believes that theater is an experience everyone should have the chance to participate in. Learning all aspects of theater — acting, set construction, lighting, sound, and stage management — helps people learn how to work together toward a common goal. I encourage people of all ability levels to participate.
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