heART songs...

the beautiful combination of your heartbeat and a personalized song

How does it work?
Using high-quality medical and audio equipment, your or your loved one's heartbeat is recorded and used as the basis for the creation of a personalized song.
I import the heartbeat recording into editing software and do some minor editing to ensure the sound is as clear as possible. 
Stethoscope in the shape of a heart
A one-of-a-kind product you can treasure forever
You and I will work together to write an original song or decide on a favorite song to be recorded over the sound of the recorded heartbeat. 
The final product will be presented in whatever format you wish - CD, DVD with accompanying video, mp3 to be downloaded from our secure servers, mp3 on thumb drive(s), or another format. Videos for DVDs or cover art for CDs can be part of the process and add a level of personalization.
An Anxiety-free Experience
Songs can be recorded by you, your loved one, or someone else, or by myself. If the thought of creating a song or singing is too stressful, or if reading out loud has been more important to your family, we can record you reading a treasured book. 

My goal is to make this meaningful experience an anxiety-free experience. As a professional musician, I understand how difficult it can be to record and hear your own voice. I am here to support you the whole way.

Hear An Example
The song below is an example of a heART song created with a hospice patient. You first hear her heartbeat then hear her favorite hymn. Her heartbeat continues throughout the song.
  • When We All Get To Heaven
  • -
  • heART song
00:00 / 00:00
Let me show you how a heART song may be the perfect addition to your family heART journey. Please contact me with any questions you may have about heART song services, or schedule your free 30 minute consultation today!

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