I utilize four types of expressive art therapies with traditional counseling techniques to help you reach your goals: Guided Imagery and Music, Music Therapy, Mandalas and MARI, and Visual Arts in Counseling. 
I am always looking for ways to expand the therapeutic services I provide and include new genres of expressive art. If you are looking for something not currently listed, please contact me so I can work with you to help you find the service you need!
If you are looking for information on Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth, please click here.
  • Guided Imagery and Music

    Guided Imagery

    and Music

    Guided Imagery & Music is a form of music psychotherapy that allows you to connect with your own deepest wisdom through a music-evoked imagery journey. This music-centered approach may allow you to get to the heart of your concerns more quickly than other therapeutic approaches alone.

  • Music Therapy



    Music Therapy services are individualized for each client and can be provided to individuals or groups. Utilizing the unique properties of music to connect with each person where they are, interventions such as song writing, improvisation, drumming, singing, or lyric analysis are incorporated into each session. 

  • Mandalas and MARI


    and MARI

    Creation of a mandala (a drawing within a circle) can provide insight into your current emotional state and provide a unique cathartic outlet. This is incorporated into your therapeutic process to help set goals and determine your process. The MARI Assessment Tool can also be utilized in a similar manner.

  • Visual Arts in Counseling

    Visual Arts

    in Counseling

    Painting, drawing, sculpture, clay work, photography, textile work... all visual art mediums that provide you a means of emotional expression. Incorporation of the visual arts into traditional counseling techniques provides you additional opportunities for self-expression and growth.

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