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What Clients Are Saying

  • "As I'm sure is true with some other men, I was somewhat hesitant about types of therapy and wondered if I would truly be able to open up with a therapist. With GIM, I was amazed at how the addition of music, along with the guidance of a professional therapist, allowed me to quickly relax and fully participate. Much like the soundtrack in a movie, it seemed like feelings were heightened and more accessible. Jennifer did a wonderful job of them helping me put those feelings into words to help me understand them more fully."


  • "I have done therapy in many different ways over several decades, but GIM was different. GIM allowed me to go deeper than I have ever gone before. Because it helped me to work in the subconscious, I was free to really work through some stuff. GIM was a very different form of therapy than I had experienced before, and it was very helpful."


  • "There are no words to express our gratitude and love to you for sharing your beautiful gift of music with us! Thank you for all the beautiful moments you have shared and brought to us each week! You are family to us and we love you!"

    Family of a hospice patient

  • "I appreciate the time and expertise you give to me every week. Making music helps me to feel like myself again."


  • "Music therapy was the only thing that helped Mom's pain and gave her the chance to be herself again. Thank you for the bottom of my heart."

    Daughter of a hospice patient

  • "I want to commend you on the excellent job you did on the video. You did a wonderful job and I appreciate it so much! I was so pleased and impressed. Thank you so much for your service."

    Family member of a hospice patient

  • "Thank you for providing such lovely and comforting music at my mother's memorial service. You have such amazing talent and compassion. My mother and family were very fortunate to have you as part of her hospice care. I know that your visits were uplifting and FUN!"

    Daughter of a hospice patient

  • "We have been playing the songs you made for my mom all the time. Last night in the middle of the night they had to play them to settle her... would you believe she started SINGING along with all the songs? UNBELIEVABLE! I've never heard her sing in my life. Nor had my brother. She's singing along to them now too... so precious. Can't thank you enough."

    Daughter of a hospice patient


Training and Experience

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Grief and Loss

Throughout my training and experience in hospice and Guided Imagery & Music, I have developed a passion and specialty in helping people through difficult life changes. Each person has the wisdom and strength within themselves to find a new normal, I am there to walk with them on that process. An overwhelming sense of grief and loss can occur at any time in life, following any life-changing event. I incorporate the expressive arts into more traditional grief counseling techniques.